Gana Gandharva 'Padma Bhushan' Dr.S.P.Balasubramanyam for the First Time in America organizing Apuroopa Raga Yagam Padutha Teeyaga. Padutha Teeyaga is a popular show, which become a perfect platform for finding the new talent in the area of singing. The Talent show has started with a mission to create interest, support and encouragement to the Younger Generation towards the Art of Music and Singing.

Event Organizer


People Media is the organization found to build a cultural bridge between the native land of Andhra Pradesh and the NRI s of USA. The People who are residing in USA have a great affection and attachment towards their motherland and to its rich cultural heritage. The NRIs are feeling a missing link with their relatives and with the culture from where they have been grown up. After all, we live in our culture and in its manifestations like Our Festivals, Fairs, Rituals, Practices and of course in the different art forms like songs, dance and Cinema. People Media is established with an aim to bridge the gap between the NRIs and their Indian Mother Land, through the means of various cultural activities, events, shows, mass festivals,TV shows, Celebrity Concerts etc., Padutha Teeyaga is one such step towards this goal to showcase the talents of TELUGU-AMERICA on par with native Telugus.