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Shisurvetti Pashurvetti Vetti Gaana Rasam Phani

(Even the Child, Cattle and Serpent can spell bind with the magic of GAANAM, that is Singing)

The song and Music have a great impact on Human Civilisation since the ages. The Music have become one of the prominent pillar in shaping the culture of any nation. The Music in its myriad forms have taken a long journey from folk songs TO film songs now. Many a platforms have been come into being through the years and the contemporary times have witnessed the advent of television as the best plat form to showcase the talents of people in the area of singing and in music education. Padutha Teeyaga is one such popular show, which become a perfect platform for finding the new talent in the area of singing. The Talent show has started with a mission to create interest, support and encouragement to the Younger Generation towards the Art of Music and Singing. Thus came the idea of Padutha Teeyaga and now it has become a household name across the state of AP. The Padutha Teeyaga show has been telecasting continuously since a decade with great following and applause by the viewers from India and abroad. The Show recently concluded its 5th SEASON and planning for the 6th Season too. The show tasted great success at all its levels. In addition to that, the new talent found in the show, have got huge response and over flooded with opportunities to take their career further.


Dr.S.P.Balasubramanyam known as GAANA GANDHARVA, is the towering personality in Indian Filmdom, who needs no introduction to the Indians in general and Telugu People across the globe in particular. He had a credit of recording more than 40 thousands songs in a career-span of 4 decades, which is a rare record in the world. He won the NATIONAL FILM AWARD FOR BEST PLAY-BACK SINGER for 6 times and had number of other awards from different State Governments to his crown of glory, including the very popular FILMFARE AWARDS too. He is the recipient of the highest civilian awards of the Government of India, like PADMA SHREE and PADMA BHUSHAN. He is the multi-talented personality rolled into one and had excelled not only in the singing but also in Music Composing, Acting, Producing, Anchoring, etc., He enthralled and spell-bound the audience from generations together with his multi-faceted genius. Moreover, he is the idol, role-model, inspiration and motivation to innumerable singers of later generations.