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Shisurvetti Pashurvetti Vetti Gaana Rasam Phani

Telugu is one of the Dravidian languages spoken by natives of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The chunk of language has evolved through centuries and is recognized as a major language in South India. As large population migrated abroad to various countries including the US, permanent settlement of Indians for various professional motives including better options and prospects has brought a change in the linguistic scenario.

As large Telugu population resides in various US cities forming a good percentage of Asians and Indo-Americans, there is a need for the NRIs to go back to the roots of their native language and preserve the fundamentals not only about literature but poetry, music and singing. In this direction, the young generation must be urged through proper motivation and incentives in learning and practicing the language of their forefathers in an artistic and appealing form, apart from speaking.

The Padutha Theeyaga singing program has been launched in US by ETV and People Media that encourages singing in Telugu, their native language. This would open a room for healthy competition and preserve the core traits of lyrics composed in Telugu, and make the language exposed to people from other countries and parts of the world. The debut program was greeted with a huge success and fulfilled its objectives. The subsequent version of Paduthe Theeyaga in 2014, which has been initiated exclusively for kids, should go with the same pace and generate further interest among Indians, or even other citizens.